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About Donya:Donya was born as the 5th child in a very warm family the ninth of July in 1959. During her youth she grew up with jazz music as a natural part of her education. Her father, Joop Martin, was a great pianist and her two brothers played drums and guitar. As a child she had piano lessons and she also sang in a church choir. After graduating for speech therapist she became mother of a twin, Martijn and Lonne, and three years later of Sophie. During raising her kids she happened to run up a great amateur jazz choir, Antwood Affair, which she joined for almost ten years. When her kids were old enough she started to work again as a speech therapist. But in the mean time her love for singing jazz grew more and more and after a while she decided to follow her passion for the music and took song and piano lessons again. Her compassion for the music became increasingly more serious and eventually, in 2004 she started with the Djam in Amsterdam, a school for jazz and contemporary music. During that time she also started her own quartet ‘Martins Mood’ with piano, bass and drums, with whom she won the first price of the Novio Pontis Runners Up Award 2007 during the jazz festival East of Eastern 2007 in Nijmegen. In May 2007 she produced her first CD ‘Strange Light’ with her own compositions, which can be characterized as sensitive and modest with a little lively note in between. The lyrics she wrote are near to her heart and taken from her own life.Recently in September 2012 she produces her second CD ‘Nearness’, as an ode to her father. This CD is a compilation of jazz-standards, which contains several well-known compositions with a little touch of personal arrangements to create her own mood. A word from Donya:I feel blessed to have the opportunity to make music and be surrounded by so many people who inspire and support me. It is always a privilege to work with my favorite musicians who has accompanied me through the time. Every time, every performance, it’s always a synergy between the music and me, a connection through my heart. It’s a nearness, ingrained in my music, in my heart and soul that gives me the inspiration of living my life, of being me!t

Donya Martin

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